The Dangers Of Meeting People Through Personal Ads

Placing an ad or searching the personals for a date no longer has the stigma it once did, it has actually become very mainstream, but unfortunately, so have the dangers that many have encountered in doing so. Although today’s society has become more accustomed to meeting new people through personal ads, it seems that many aren’t aware of how dangerous it can actually be, with bad experiences ranging from theft to brutal attacks.

The anomymity that personals allow for has made them a playground for predators of all kinds-From scammers, sexual predators, pedophyles all the way to murderers. When you place a personal ad, nobody is requiring you to be truthful and you can fudge a few things or outright lie about your entire existence.

A lot of the people who sign up for personal ads aren’t looking for a relationship at all, they’re really looking for an easy opportunity to scam you. Anyone can make a fake profile tailored around what you’re profile says you’re looking for in a date, and then contact you expressing their interests. In these cases, they’ll most likely profess their love for you rather quickly after their initial contact. It could go on for a few months before they actually ask you for anything, but once they have you hooked, they’ll claim to have some kind of emergency, such as surgery, a sick family member, or car problems that require a nice sum of money. However, after you dish out the money, they’ll disappear, leaving you high and dry.

While scammers may leave a hurting on your checking account, there are much more serious dangers that can affect your emotional and/or physical well being. Personals are full of promiscuity, and a lot of people that use them are merely looking for a sexual partner, not a relationship. They’re also one of the easiest places for someone to cheat on their spouse or significant other.

You may fall in love with someone you started dating only to find out that they’re already married, leaving you heart broken. Then, there are the most dangerous scenarios associated with dating through personal ads, the cases that lead to physical harm. Since sexual predators troll the personals, another imiment risk of utilizing them is the risk of being raped or assaulted. A sexual offender will lure you to a place they feel comfortable to carry out such an attack on you.

Many people feel they’re ‘too smart’ to fall victim to these dangers, but the truth is, you never know who you’re dealing with through the personals… But, one thing is for sure, the associated dangers can far exceed the benefits, so why take the risk?